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At Shoreline, we strive for continuous improvement. Our rigorous quality control standards are consistently met solely because of the systems that we have in place. 


Our Inspection Department adheres to the procedures defined in MIL-STD-105E Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection by Attributes. This defines sampling and inspection procedures for in process as well as final inspection. By controlling the process from steel to finished product we are able to increase quality as well as decrease lead times. 


We control every aspect of the process to ensure that your product is exactly as expected. Our North American steel is always tested by independent laboratories to meet our physical standards. Dimensions are held to strict tolerances in order to provide the product exactly as you require. If it is supposed to have six inches of thread, you can be sure that it does.


Shoreline Products is certified as a Class 2 Fastener Manufacturer, as well as a Class 3 Fastener Distributor on the United States Government’s Qualified Suppliers List. 


The purpose of this Qualified Supplier List program is to establish and maintain a list of pre-qualified sources for certain fully competitive products which are purchased and managed by DLA Aviation Supplier Operations at Philadelphia. The Criteria for qualification are tailored along the lines of the best commercial practices for the class 2 threaded fastener industry.


We are also proud to announce that we are currently pursuing ISO: 9001 certification.

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