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Anchor bolts are manufactured to order to your specifications. Industry standard hook length is 6". We can provide the items galvanized as required. Commonly provided in coarse thread, these can be provided with matching hardware. Whether you are installing with standard or locking nuts and washers, we have them in stock. 



Materials- Carbon Steel, Stainless, Alloy-Round, Square and Hex.

Threads- Standard and Special, Cut or Rolled

Diameters- ¼” thru 2. Headed product Fluted.

¼” thru 2. Non headed Grades- 2-5-8

Lengths-3” to 100” Secondary Operations- Drilling, Grinding, Slotting,

Head Configurations- Button Head, Pan Head, Flat Head, Turning, Trimming and Tapping

Askew Head, Square Head, Cone Head, T-Head, Thin Head, Dome Head, and Countersunk Head.

Custom Manufacturing to Your Specifications.

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