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As a value added service for our customers, Shoreline can provide your U bolts pre-bent and packaged as U bolt kits. Suspension Trailer Kits are normally 7/8" and 3/4" diameter, but we can supply any U bolt in kit form. They will include two U bolts, four Nuts and four Washers, all sealed in a sturdy box. We can even put your name or logo right on the label. All of our standard Trailer Kits are supplied in Grade 8 equivalent, a stronger U bolt than what is normally found commercially.


Body mounting kits are used to mount the box onto the frame of an enclosed box truck. While some companies will use coarse threaded rods or large cap screws and Tie Plates to accomplish this, the majority of manufacturers will use a Body Mounting Kit. These kits include four 5/8"-11 square bent U bolts, four Tie Plates, eight Hex Nuts, and eight medium duty split Lock Washers. Again, we can supply your kits with your name or logo right on the label. Body Mounting Kits are available in Grade 5.


These kits are used to mount the Cab Guard onto a truck. They include four Zinc plated 5/8"-11 x 4" Square U bolts. These are available in 17" lengths (for frame rails 11" and under) and 21" lengths (for frame rails greater than 11" deep). Each kit also includes four Zinc plated Tie Plates, four Zinc plated Spacers, four rubber Tie Plate pads, two 30" rubber frame pads, eight Zinc plated Nylon Insert Lock Nuts, and eight Zinc plated flat washers. Your name or logo can be included on the box label. Cab Guard Mounting Kits are available in Grade 5. 

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