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Manufacturing Threaded Rod, U-Bolts, and More for Over 50 Years

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Shoreline Machine Products is a well known and respected manufacturer of high-quality Threaded Rods and U bolts. Our family owned business, which is a veteran owned and operated American company, has been steadily growing for more than 50 years. 


Efficient on-time delivery, the highest quality control standards, and responsive customer service have enabled us to grow from a small local job shop into a sophisticated manufacturer of threaded fasteners. We run our entire operation out of a lean 30,000 square feet of production and stocking space. 


Our Threaded Rod and U bolts are manufactured from North American steel, and tested by independent laboratories to ensure that our rigid standards of quality control are met. All of our Threaded Rods and U bolts are Made in the USA. 


We manufacture double end threaded rod (U-bolt rod) in 3/8" to 1-1/4" diameter for stocking purposes. This allows us to get rods onto your shelves as quickly as possible. We also make all threaded studs and rods to your specifications. Whether you are looking for Grade 5 all threaded rod or ASTM A193 grade B7 or B16 studs, we can deliver. 


Shoreline bends all types of U bolts, from standard round bends to Mack round bends. Standard rods can be bent to order, or specials can be made from scratch to your specifications.


Our goal is to have stock orders shipped next business day if received before noon, and the following day if received after noon. This allows you to keep a leaner inventory on your shelf and to keep your cash in the bank.


Our systems and production methods have been designed to provide our customers with the precise products they require, delivered when needed, with the quality they expect.

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19301 Saint Clair Ave. | Cleveland, OH 44117 | USA

Phone: 216-481-8033     Fax: 216-481-6866

Toll Free: 1-800-TRK-RODS

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